Treat Impotence With Pure Shilajit Resin

Treat_Impotence_With_Pure_Shilajit_ResinImpotence can be treated with the use of Shilajit Resin without a doctor’s prescription due to the fact that the drug is safe and can be taken in dosages that are recommended. A doctor’s visit is necessary to ensure diagnosis of other ailments and diseases before commencement of self or home treatment of Pure Shilajit. Upon the doctor’s prescription and absence of diseases are proved, personal treatment can be started by the use of the following treatment regimens:

Shilajit resin which is very helpful and important in improving potency in men is taken through 4 stages of treatment:

The first stage: On an empty stomach every morning, 0.2 grams of the Shilajit resin substance is dissolved in water (tablespoon) for 10 days, after which he has to make a 5-day break and then moves on to the second stage.

The second stage: The second stage lasts for 10 days. In this stage, the man drinks the solution of Shilajit resin every morning same as in the first stage. In the evening, 0.2 grams of Pure Shilajit resin is mixed with a tablespoon of honey and taken into the mouth followed by a 5-day break before entering the third stage.

The third stage: This entails everything that happened in the second stage and should be repeated, this is followed by a 5-day break.

The fourth stage: A double dose of 0.4g Shilajit resin is dissolved with a tablespoon of water and taken by the man in the morning and at night 0.4 grams of Shilajit resin is dissolved in a tablespoon of honey and is taken. At this stage, potency will develop much earlier, notwithstanding the treatment regimen must be finished.

A man should drink 250ml of fresh carrot juice every morning to help dissolve 0.5g of Shilajit resin. About 20-30 mg of Shilajit resin is dissolved in a tablespoon of water and should be taken about 4 weeks on an empty stomach morning and evening before going to bed, in addition to this, with some other juices such as blueberry juice, carrot juice and sea buckhtom juice or only heated milk.

In preparing a 3% solution of Shilajit resin, it should be strictly a teaspoon on the first 10 days, 2 teaspoons on the second 10 days, a table spoon of Pure Shilajit resin should be taken by a man on the 3rd 10 days and then one and a half teaspoon on the next 5 days. The man then proceeds on a week break and the full 35-day treatment regime is undergone 2-3 times more.

Pure Shilajit resin has a very positive and wonderful effect on potency when dissolved in egg yolk and honey. It is prepared using a very simple procedure: A tablespoon each of egg yolk and honey is mixed with 0.2g of Shijalit resin and this mixture is taken on an empty stomach at morning and later at night for 4 weeks.

Please note that drinking of alcohol during the treatment of impotency using Pure Shilajit resin is highly prohibited.

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