Ayurvedic Medicine and Shilajit

Ayurvedic_ShilajitAyurvedic shilajit study is not a new concept even with the breakthroughs of modern medicine. Ever since proofs of ayurvedic shilajit benefits have come to the knowledge of those who were new to ayurvedic medicine, it became such a hit that many people want to learn more about it.

In the quest to discover the shilajit uses in ayurvedic medicine, it is encouraged to start with knowing what it really is and where it came from. From the Sanskrit records of ayurvedic system of medicine, shilajit is a product of trapped plants and organic materials between rock layers in the Himalayas. Extreme weather changes plus the pressure coming from the weight of the mountainous surface, the plants and organic materials eventually turned into a mineral mass that seeps through the rocks. This material is a pure form of shilajit.

If it were not for the Himalayan monkeys, the ayurvedic shilajit benefits may have not seen the light of day. The native people, the earliest Himalayan dwellers, have observed how strong the migrating monkeys were. They have seen the animals eating a black substance that seems to sustain them. Upon following the monkeys, they located shilajit on the rocks and that was the start of man’s curiosity for ayurvedic shilajit.

But how does it work?

The use of shilajit ayurvedic medicine is appreciated because of the highly observable ayurvedic shilajit benefits. It is a kind of mineral that is in ionic form. It is in its simplest form so the body is able to absorb it at a fast rate and is delivered faster to the areas where healing is much needed.

When it is in a pure form, shilajit ayurvedic medicine looks like a sticky, black tarry substance. Some people like to form it into tiny ball-shapes that are the size of peas. One to three of this ayurvedic medicine shilajit is a recommended starting dose. It can be dissolved in hot drinks as long as it is not chlorinated. This dosage will result to a general well-being. If greater energy or higher effects is wanted, the dosage can be increased accordingly.

Others take shilajit as a powder. It looks like a powdered fertilizer which can be dissolved in water or sprinkled on food. People should be careful though because this type of shilajit may not be as effective because it is not in a pure form. Some important minerals may have been removed in the process of drying out the substance making it less potent.

As a supplement, shilajit comes in capsules and this may be the most popular form of shilajit as it is a convenient way of taking shilajit. Caution is given, though, because there are plenty of shilajit counterfeits in the market. Those who want to try it should look for a trusty dealer in order to really benefit from it.

Is ayurvedic shilajit safe?

Shilajit ayurvedic medicine has been around for thousands of years. If safety is a concern, it is suffice to say that people who took ayurvedic medicine shilajit religiously were not harmed by it. In fact, they reported to have increased their energy and had better health when they started having it along with their diet. The shilajit uses in ayurvedic medicine are all interesting which is why people are not afraid with trying it out. Ayurvedic shilajit is a naturally occurring substance so it generally does not cause serious ill effects to the body.

But how can it help the body?

There are numerous ayurvedic shilajit benefits that ayurvedic doctors promise their clients. First is its memory enhancing properties. The minerals of ayurvedic shilajit are not to increase brain power and help the brain retain healthy cells so the person is able to have better memory. The revolutionary effect of shilajit ayurvedic medicine in the mind is the fact that it wards off Alzheimer’s disease. Since this illness runs in the blood, those who are susceptible to it can definitely try the use of shilajit ayurvedic medicine to delay or possibly avoid the condition.

Another one among the popular shilajit uses in ayurvedic medicine is its ability to treat infertility. Men who got problems with their sperm count and motility will be very thankful for this use of shilajit ayurvedic medicine. The substance is very potent in increasing sperm count as well as makes the sperm a lot more active. Couples who are trying to conceive now have the option to try shilajit and see how great it is in helping them in their ordeal.

This generation is so prone to cancer. This is because of the increasing number of free radicals in the environment that destroys the body in the cellular level. This results to having serious illnesses that seem incurable even with advance medicine. This makes the use of shilajit ayurvedic medicine as an antioxidant very welcome. It is quite difficult to explain but shilajit is comprised of many antioxidant properties that protect the body against free radicals. By being a shield from free radicals, the internal organs, especially the heart, receives a lot of protection thereby making it work efficiently. A healthy heart means a healthier blood circulation and this will lead to a healthy, well- nourished body that is tough even with everyday exposure to cancer- causing organisms.

There are also other conditions that can be cured by shilajit. One is diabetes. Shilajit controls blood sugar levels so that the person will not suffer from shooting blood sugar. This is because shilajit helps repair the pancreas gland and regenerate new cells to make it effective in its function.

If there is one benefit from ayurvedic shilajit that most people look forward to, it would be its effects on promoting a restful sleep. Shilajit is known to fight anxiety so people who are too anxious that they find it difficult to sleep can benefit from it. The substance also corrects the body’s natural rhythm so the awake/sleep mechanism is regulated. The body receives the due rest it deserves and it becomes rejuvenated every single day.

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