Shilajit can Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunctionErectile Dysfunction is a disease that has plagued a lot of men and it has increased the search for a safe drug that would effectively treat the disease and improve sexual potency. Pure Shilajit is a natural and universal bio-stimulant that improves the male potency, rejuvenates the whole body and urinogenital sphere.

Pure Shilajit based on reports proven by thorough research, improves the health of people, eases effect of exposure to radiation as well as the known fact that it enhances male potency. The drug also improves the metabolism of the endocrine system, improves digestion, normalizes the vascular tone and provides the body with energy.

All these improved body functions as a result of using Shilajit resin makes the user strong, healthy and rejuvenated. Modern medicine treatment of potency have a narrow purpose which involves filling the penis with blood at the right time, this treatment is by using various drugs or specialized procedures such as Viagra, Yohimbin, Edeks, Vacuum Erection Therapy and even implantation of prosthesis. But by using Shilajit Resin, potency will return earlier than the fourth stage, nonetheless, the treatment course should be completed. One of the basic signs of impotency is known by a lack of erection.


Erectile dysfunction in most cases is a disease which causes weakening of erection, most times, it causes complete disappearance of sexual desire which occurs in men on a regular basis. In a few cases, the cause of impotence is a piturary tumor that produces a special hormone called prolactin which causes persistent erectile dysfunction. It is always advisable for the sufferer to visit a doctor so as to diagnose the most possible reason for the cause of the erectile dysfunction. It is not always easy to understand the cause for the impotence are there are many varied reasons of which may be stemed from the various psychological factors such as stress, emotions, constant nervousness, strong enough feelings to a woman etc.

There are some diseases which are peculiar to only ‘men’ which are usually not life-threatening but they are embarrassing and a constant ridicule to them and also prevent them from enjoying sexual intimacy and pleasure.

This article is one that provides useful insight into the treatment of some male disease using Shilajit. However, it should be noted that not all perceived ‘male diseases’ are treated by Shilajit Resin. A visit to the urologist is necessary for proper diagnosis on the prospect and conservative treatment on the diseases as some diseases such as Phimosis cannot be treated with Shilajit but only through a competent surgical procedure, nonetheless, Pure Shilajit Resin is a healthy and safe drug in treating a majority of male disease.

Impotence is a frightening male disease and definitely not-life threatening and most men would do anything to make their penis healthy and sex-ready. Psychological factors are the major cause of impotence and it worsens the problem. Impotence/Erectile dysfunction an be treated with Shilajit in the following ways:
Chronic urinary infections may worsen the erectile function and Shilajit cures it in the form of antibiotic therapy. The visible signs are:
– It improves the general condition of the body, which directly affects the power of erection;
– It heals some types of diseases which can affect sexual potency problems with blood vessels and blood circulation, urino-genital diseases, weak nervous system, and so on.

Shilajit Resin is recommended for treatment of erectile dysfunction in almost all cases, because the benefits of its application are doubtless and also due to the fact that it is not a toxic drug and does not have adverse side effects.

Prostatitis is a commonly occurring male disease.

Prostatitis and impotence are usually interconnected, due to the fact that a diseased prostate cannot provide the proper level of erection, and prolonged absence of sexual activity due to erectile dysfunction accelerates the development of prostatitis.
Infection is the main reason of prostatis. Shilajit cures prostatitis by creating a powerful antibacterial effect and can guarantee a quick recovery of the man, with little or no risk of recurrence. Fighting the infection with Shilajit and regulating the endocrine system of the body eliminate the inflammation in the prostate gland quickly and return its activity to the normal level.

Varicocele is also treated with Shilajit and also the varicose veins of the spermatic cord. Often urologists suggest treating this disease with operation, but in most people prefer treatment with Shilajit in a full term treatment course which will bring the veins to their normal condition, even without a surgery. Before treatment of varicocele, the sufferer should ensure he visits a doctor to ensure possibility or impossibility of treatment due to the fact that late stages of vari are only eliminated with the aid of surgery.

Pure Shilajit Resin is also important in treatment of allergic swelling of the scrotum – a rare type of allergy. Taking baths and compresses with Shilajit can remove the disturbing symptoms quickly and taking Shilajit on a regular will help to overcome the allergy and to prevent re-occurrence of this rather unpleasant swelling.

It is very important for men to note this that it is well known that Shilajit is used to treat dropsy of the abdomen (ascites), as well as a variety of women cyst formations. That is why some men suffering from hydrocele or a cyst formed in the spermatic cord or epididymis believe that Shilajit will help them to heal these diseases, but it won’t. Urological hydrocephalus and cysts cannot be treated with the help of Shilajit, treatment of these problems should be focused on other types of treatment

The most effective method used in the treatment of male fertility diseases such as impotency and erectile dysfunction is the mixture made of Pure Shilajit resin despite the fact that there are other methods of treatment of male fertility diseases. Shilajit has proven to be a beneficial drug and has a lot of positive results. Shilajit, or “tears of the mountains”, has been taken as a wonder medicine in Eastern countries for more than 3000 years.

According to research, Shilajit has a unique composition which explains its positive effects on the body. This medicine is made up of essential microelements, amino acids and lipids which proportions conform to their proportion in the blood. The product is thus highly invaluable to the body and body system functioning. Shilajit has been used successfully in gynecological and urological treatment of male infertility. If taken properly, the metabolism processes, enzyme function and the immune system recover and these improvements affect the male sexual function directly.

The use of Shilajit is very important in maintaining male fertility, rejuvenating for whole body, restoring life to the vital organs of the male reproductive system and giving esteem and vigor to men who have infertility issues.

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