How Increase Male Potency

male_potency_shilajitThe Pure Shilajit increases male potency. One in every 5 men has a sexual dysfunction based on reports and well-known statistics.

For a man to increase his potency and prevent sexual dysfunction, he should eat healthy products such as:
• Consuming red meat low in fat
• Healthy consumption of vegetables such as carrots, onions, turnips, garlic, egg plant, horseradish, beets, sweet and hot peppers. Spicy dishes should not be consumed by men suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases.
• Parsley and cilantro which are healthy greens combined with meat.
• A minimum of 2 glasses of tomato juice combined with little wine should be taken daily and it is best taken during the day.
• With the exception of people with alcohol-related issues, 50-100 grams of red wine should be taken in the evening.
• Another healthy food is nuts. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and pistachios are very useful and helpful in increasing of male potency. These nuts should be eaten in the day. Worthy of note, is that most commonly sold pistachios are laced with high salt content and it is harmful for those with kidney disorders and should be highly avoided. Nuts should limited to people who are obese and suffer from a lack of digestive enzymes.

In increasing the potency of a man, a very effective method is contrast baths for the lower part of the body. A bath of 20-25 minutes is taken alone in the room to make the procedure comfortable. Two reservoirs, one filled with cold water and another with hot water are made and the man sits in each reservoir for a minute. The reservoirs are exchange for a minimum of 6 times. Acute inflammatory diseases and atherosclerosis are some possible contraindications to contrast baths.

The Georgian way of increasing potency is a less stressful method to those who tried harder methods. In this treatment regime, use 8 layers of gauze to finely wrap and crumble 500g of ice, it forms into a lump and it is used in 3 consecutive steps:
• For a minute, it should be held at the neck
• For a minute, it should be held at the ribs in the heart zone
• For a minute, it should be held at the scrotum

The procedure is repeated3-5 times a day at regular intervals during the day and this method is not suitable for those who suffer from heart and inflammatory ailments as it has contraindications.

Using Pure Shilajit Resin to Increase Male Potency

To increase the body tone and improve body potency, hot water baths with Pure Shilajit is very helpful and important. This bath treatment regimen lasts for 20 days and it is repeated in every two days. The water is boiled to 37 degrees Celsius and poured in a bath of which 0.5g of Shilajit Resin is dissolved and the bath is taken for 30 minutes.

Another interesting method used in the training of cosmonauts which lasts for 30 days and it is also used to increase male potency and it is very helpful in the body. It has been discovered that sleeping in the bathroom regularly with pure Shilajit is a very wonderful treatment and works wonders. In the evening, a water bath is filled to three-quarter with a water of room temperature. After which a jet of hot water is introduced into the bath tub and it is left to be maintain a water temperature that is consistent and comfortable. This procedure requires that safety precaution such as using an inflatable rubber collar around the neck should be used. The lights are then turned off and the man sleeps off.

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