Exploring the Wonders of Shilajit Herb

image_03_largeShilajit herb is considered to be among the most popular traditional Indian medicines as listed in the Ayurveda system. It rightfully gained a lot of attention since it is regarded to be a cure for almost all sorts of illnesses. For 3000 years India has recognized its curing nature and it is about time for the world to also learn about the many benefits of shilajit herbal medicine.

Shilajit Herb and its Ancient Roots

Thousands of years ago, the native Himalayan dwellers started to mention about shilajit in Vedic text and ancient scientists appeared to have records about shilajit minerals as well. Its healing properties were first observed on white monkeys who had a long life span and are their strength, energy, and good health was very noticeable. The Himalayan villagers noted about how the animals often have a black gummy substance which seemed to be their energy source. So they followed the monkeys to see where the substance was from. They saw that the monkeys peeled off the black substance from the rocks so they brought some of it home. From then on, the shilajit herb benefits to human health were instantly recognized.

Upon closer study of it, they found out that the tar-like substance is at its most abundance during the summer where the heat from the sun makes it ooze out from the mountain crevasses. The shilajit minerals, were found out to be full of medicinal humic and fulvic acids. Its existence was formed after millions of years when the tropical forests were crushed, compacted, and wedged in between boulders as the Himalayan Mountains were formed. The minerals in shilajit were proven to be effective in cell energy production and then known to be the best carrier of both energy and nutrition for the body.

The Many Benefits of Shilajit

In Sanskrit, shilajit means “rock- invincible”. Because of the healing properties of the shilajit herb, the Ayurvedic traditions believed for it to be a sacred rock. The list of shilajit herb benefits is quite long. In fact, it is widely known in India as an effective Destroyer of Weakness. Modern medicine has identified DBPs or dibenzo alpha pyrones as the main component that makes the shilajit herb an energizer bunny. With the DBPs, the body is able to rejuvenate and produce energy when a shilajit herbal medicine is consumed. But the minerals in shilajit are more than just about producing a lot of energy. There are other shilajit herb benefits worth knowing for anyone to be convinced about its wonders.

Primary benefit of a shilajit herbal medicine is its effects on the memory. Small molecules of memory enhancers called dibezno-alpha-pyrones were found in shilajit herb and they serve as protectors for the brain chemicals for memory. The high fulvic acid content also proved to be effective in protecting the brain against developing Alzheimer’s disease. Another attributing factor is its effect on increasing testosterone levels. This hormone has a direct effect on the ability of a person to think so a higher testosterone means better thinking skills.

Another one for the shilajit herb benefits that most people rave about is its anti- aging properties. Minerals in shilajit contribute in fighting against cellular damage. This antioxidant property shields the skin, lungs, liver, and heart from aging prematurely. This results to having not only a healthy but a youthful body inside and out too.

Perhaps the most controversial benefit of shilajit minerals is its effect on fertility. In the studies made for men who are struggling with infertility, those who were given with shilajit supplement had a significantly higher sperm count compared to those who were not given supplement. It is also noted that sperm activity was higher. This made many Ayurvedic doctors consider the herb as a natural and safe alternative medicine to treat infertility. This gives hopes to those who really want to conceive but were stricken with infertility problems. In addition, this herb is great to improve libido. Sexual impotency is a common problem among men but taking a shilajit supplement can easily reverse this. It strengthens the male reproductive system plus it prevents premature ejaculation so men can last longer in bed.

From the reasons stated earlier, men really do need to consider taking shilajit herbal medicine for its “manly” effects to the body. It is a natural testosterone booster and this is important to men. Testosterone naturally occurs in the body but some men have problems in keeping the levels up. Higher testosterone levels in the blood could help in protecting the muscle tissues as well as ward off fat from storing in the body. Look at weightlifters, some of them take testosterone boosters to bulk up. The same can be achieved when shilajit is supplemented in the body. A boost in testosterone also helps with keeping a good mood and enhances thinking skills. Overall, shilajit makes a man healthier both in his mind and body.

Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from cardiovascular disorders. Thankfully, the shilajit herb extends its protective properties to heart health. Since it is a potent antioxidant, shilajit keeps the heart healthy and strong. A strong heart functions at its best so there is better blood circulation. This, in return, will keep the whole body strong because of an efficient delivery of nutrients to all parts. If the heart is healthy, then the whole body benefits from it too.

Other than the shilajit herb benefits mentioned above, there are far more uses that are being studied. Many people who had taken shilajit herbal medicine reported various effects on their bodies like enhancement of the immune system, maintained blood sugar levels, stronger bones, and reduction of joint pains among others. This interesting fact keeps everyone, not only those who believe in Ayurvedic medicine, excited about what more benefits can be derived from shilajit herb. The sure thing is that this ancient wonder survived thousands of years and it is only proper for it to be recognized among those who are yet to discover its healing properties.

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