Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Weakness Men Pure Shilajit

Sexual-Weakness-MenErectile dysfunction is a disease which affects the sexual performance of men thus resulting in sexual dysfunction. Urological and psychiatric diseases, physical injury are some of the major causes of Erectile dysfunction and if not properly treated, it causes obesity, bad psychological state, disruptions in the endocrine system.

There are very effective methods of treating Erectile dysfunction despite the use of Pure Shilajit Resin. Combination of different forms of alternative medicine as provided by a certified doctor is useful and it is recommended to eat whey, sour milk, figs, and quince seeds as they contain relevant nutrients and substances effective for treating Erectile Dysfunction. Honey, tomatoes, carrots, vegetable oil, celery, wild rose, onion, garlic and brewer’s yeast are also some of the numerous natural vegetables available for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction occurring in men.

Below are some of the recipes or procedures in alternative medicine for healing male Erectile dysfunction.

Using Honey Balsam is very effective method of healing sexual dysfunction. An equal amount of aloe leaves, honey and Cahors wine should be grinded and then mixed together. Afterwards, the mixture is left alone for 5-6 days to brew. This honey balm treatment is undergone for 4weeks and then repeated after a one week break. The mixture is taken twice daily at the dosage of one teaspoon, the dosage is then gradually increased to a tablespoon.

The  best means of treatment of numerous diseases is the use of Shilajit Resin as it is very effective in also treating erectile dysfunction.

In 100 ml of water, 20g of Shilajit Resin should be dissolved and taken on an empty stomach at the dosage of one teaspoon of this solution every morning for 10 days. Afterwards a break for five days is taken.

Two solutions should be prepared:

  1. In 100 ml of water, dissolve 0.5 grams of Pure Shilajit.
  2. In 100 ml of honey, dissolve 2 grams of Pure Shilajit.

The water solution is taken in the morning and the honey solution is taken before bedtime in the evening. Afterwards, there is a 10 day break and the treatment course is repeated for 10 days. During the fourth treatment course of Shilajit, the  dosage is doubled.

Erectile dysfunction is also effectively treated with the use of herbs and herbal supplement treatments.

For example, In a thermos flask with boiled water, pour five teaspoons of herbs like peppermint or nettle, or clover, St. John’s wort and leave the solution for 20 minutes to get cool. For three days, drink one glass a day for effective treatment. The solutions of rhaponticumcarthamoides, Manchurian Aralia, devil’s-club and Rhodiolarosea are also effective drugs which are useful in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. In the morning, they should be taken in dosage of thirty or forty drops and also taken half an hour before lunch in the same dosage as morning.  For people suffering from high blood pressure, nervous excitement, and fever, these mixtures are not suitable due to some adverse side effects.

Using kernels pine nuts is also an effective form of treating erectile dysfunction.

Kernels nut is grinded into powdery form and water is added/mixed until a white emulsion is formed. The mixture is taken 3 times, 20 minutes before a meal at a dosage of 1 glass. A one-month treatment course which increases potency and sexual desire is one in which a person suffering from erectile dysfunction is recommended to eat  a few tricks walnuts and drink two cups of goat’s milk daily.

It has been discovered that a mixture of lemon and ginger is a natural ‘viagra’. On a lemon slice,  sprinkle one teaspoon of ground ginger and add a little salt. The lemon slices is eaten five or six times a week, two hours before bedtime.

Potency and rejuvenation of the whole body is also improved by anti-aging lotion. Using 2 cups of sunflower seeds, they should be washed properly well and dry on the pan, be careful as not to over fry the seeds. The seeds are then peeled and crushed in a coffee grinder and then mixed with a liter of hot water. The mixture is boiled, filtered and mixed with two or three tablespoons of honey. Stir the mixture properly and drink 100-150 grams of it in the morning, before the meal. This mixture can be taken throughout the lifetime of a man.

Erectile dysfunction is very embarrassing and painful disease when it affects any man, but on the bright side, there are a lot of alternative combined medicines and treatments, there is also the Shilajit Resin. All of these, when taken provide an effective succour and painless relief in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction.

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