shilajitOver centuries of the existence of civilization, humanity as a race has slowly worked towards understanding health and wellbeing. Importance on health is massively emphasized now as the realization that it is the most important asset one could have dawns on modern societies. However, with the emergence of things such as processed food and gravity of pollution, one may say that staying healthy is also the hardest that it has ever been. Thankfully with the technology that is present today, there are many products that can help on be a healthy individual. There are supplements that can easily help you improve overall health and sustain a fit wellbeing. One of the most lauded and effective things that could help you improve health is a resin called Shilajit.

Shilajit (referred to also as Mumie) is commonly found in Siberia, the Himalayas or Caucasus. It’s a “mineral pitch resin” that is proven to help boost your health effectively and is one of the most potent substances in the world with such a beneficial effect. This is a substance that’s been highlighted in Eastern medication for over centuries, with its use going so far back as four thousand years ago in ancient Ayurveda.

So, what exactly is Shilajit?

Shilajit is an organic material. It is a plant that can be found oozing from rocks in select mountains in aforementioned regions. The components that make Shilajit so healthy for your body are the nutrients and antioxidants found in its resin when extracted. What experts call “ashless humic acid” is the active ingredient that makes Shilajit what as potent as it is, carrying a molecule called dybenzo-alpha-pyrones.

Given such great health benefits, it’s no wonder why marketers often go to such lengths to claim that their Shilajit imitation products provide the same health benefits. Manufacturers even go so far as mixing it with fulvic acid, which is known to most as a common fertilizer used in agricultural practices. These same manufacturers use marketing ploys to claim that fulvic acid contributes to the great effects that Shilajit resin can provide, despite the fact that it in no way correlates to the latter at all.

How Shilajit improves your health

The power of products that make use of Shilajit has been proven in different regions across the world. In India, it is often regarded in the field of medicine as a “panacea”, een being cited as such in a 4000 treatise on health known as the Charaka Samhita. In Soviet medicinal practices, it is known to be a natural adaptogen, as well as a potent biogenic stimulator.

With medicinal experts across the world studying its health benefits for centuries, there are many to be cited. One of the most important ones is the fact that it effectively mimics antioxidants. This means that it’s been observed to eliminate some harmful free-radicals in your system. It also neutralizes unhealthy compounds in your blood, effectively detoxifying it.

Counterfeit Shilajit and its accessibility

As the effectiveness and potency of Shilajit is amplified in viable markets, Shilajit has become a commodity that many want included for their supplements and health products. To add to that, it’s also a herb that is incredibly rare to find. This is why understandably, there have been many marketers that advertise its use for manufacturing of their health products and supplements, despite really making use of counterfeit Shilajit. In fact, as much as 99% of the products available in the market that claim use of Shilajit is actually substandard or fake. There may be very little traces of Shilajit or none at all in these advertised products.

The use of fulvic acid in products that marketers claim to contain Shilajit may very well come from the fact that ashless humic acid is the most potent ingredient found in the herb. This may be done to have consumers presume that fulvic acid may have the same effects of ashless humic acid. However, it’s been tested and found that they have completely different chemical properties and in no way stimulate the same health benefits at all. Higher oxygen content and lower molecular weight has been observed in fulvic acids, despite also being humic acids. Regardless, many supplement manufacturers add these low-grade fulvic acids to counterfeit Shilajit powder.

What’s worse is that some manufacturers take the deception a step further by adding useless additives such as dirt to the the fulvic acid in an attempt to market “Shilajit supplements”. Not only are these products ineffective, but they cause alarming effects to your body as well. There have been multiple accounts of traces of lead and mercury found in these counterfeit products, which can be extremely harmful the more it is consumed.

One should note that the most authentic form of Shilajit is in resin. It is dark brown in color and when tested, it is said to contain ashless humic acids that may range from four to ten percent. An issue is that only very few companies in the market even have the capacity of testing composition of Shilajit or testing its authenticity. This is extremely important as the cheap versions such as fake Shilajit mixed with fluvic acid cannot yield the same benefits of authentic Shilajit.

Having said that, it is incredibly important to be able to tell and educate oneself on counterfeit Shilajit in one’s pursuit of being able to reap the benefits of the real thing.

Identifying counterfeit Shilajit

While truly confirming that Shilajit is authentic, there are many other ways that can give you a gauge of the authenticity of products that claim to contain it. Shilajit in resin form should soften when held in your palms due to its warmth. Stored in a freezer, it should harden substantially.

Shilajit resin also bubbles instead of burning when ignited with a flame. If it produces any smoke, it should be white and not black.

Finding and purchasing authentic Shilajit

Counterfeit Shilajit can be produced in many forms such as tinctures and powders. These days, it can even be purchased in the formed of resin, which makes it harder to distinguish from its authentic counterpart. However, the counterfeit Shilajit is still more prevalent in the former forms mentioned, so be sure to never purchase those as it is an almost sure way of getting fake Shilajit. While some may contain traces of the real thing, the amount is usually not enough to yield results that could lead to improvement in your health, rendering the product useless anyway.

Having said that, many experts agree that often the only reliable form of Shilajit is in resin. Even then, one should make sure this is sourced from a high reputable and reliable supplier. Trusted manufacturers are sure to be transparent and verified, having proven that tests have been done on their product to assure that they make use of authentic Shilajit in their production.

Mumio Organics is currently the most trusted supplier for this in the market, with their test assuring the best quality of Shilajit resin. This is Shilajit resin from Mumio Organics that has been proven to be a hundred percent unadulterated and authentic. However, it doesn’t come in a powder form and instead is sold as live resin. Customers can easily verify its authenticity as they make it extensive quality control analysis accessible to the public. Its ashless humic acid content has been proven to also be no less than 4% consistently, an important note to factor in. For those reasons, its operations in extractions and quality assurance have been outperforming other suppliers of authentic Shilajit Resin.

In conclusion

While effects of Shilajit is undenably beneficial for your health and wellbeing, it’s still very important to exercise caution when one buys products that advertise its use in production. Manufacturers such as Mumio Organics that provide full disclosure and a certificate of analysis are your best bets to getting the most potent and authentic forms of Shilajit that is both effective and safe.

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