Shilajit Healing Facial Masks

Shilajit-Healing-Facial-MasksHealing Facial Masks with Pure Shilajit is becoming widely popular due to the fact that Shilajit Resin is available everywhere.

The mask recipe is very simple. The composition of this facial mask could be any of herbal broth, beaten up egg white, fresh berry or fruit juice, pharmaceutical nourishing cream or vegetable oil. Then add the Pure Shilajit Resin until you get a slightly thick result. Apply a thin layer over the face. Leave the mask for not longer than half an hour, then rinse off. Standard course of treatment consists of about 10 masks, though there are no strict recommendations.

This face mask regulate the oiliness of the skin, eliminates unhealthy complexion, removes ageing signs, acne or pimples. It makes the skin rejuvenated, healthy, clean and beautiful which is the dream of any woman.

Shilajit is recommended for its use and application against acne for teenagers whose skin is very delicate and sensitive. It is important to note that not every cream for mature skin can be used by teenage girls and boys. The Pure Shilajit is completely non-allergenic; its action is natural and mild. The Shilajit Resin treats teenager’s skin quickly and ensures long absence of acne.

It is important to note that there are many causes of acne, and not all of them can be treated with the Shilajit, as it treats only facial issues that originate externally. For example, if the pimples were caused due to poor hygiene, or because excess oiliness of the skin or as allergic reaction, the mask with Pure Shilajit will help you to get rid of the rash quickly. But if the reason of the skin/facial is caused by endocrine disorders or any other internal diseases, the mask can be applied as an additional form of treatment, of which the internal problem should be first treated.

The recipe of the facial mask against acne with the usual mask containing Pure Shilajit are similar but the base of the mask should be carefully and correctly selected. The  commonly used products are egg yolk, brewer yeast with lemon juice, fresh homemade sour cream, cucumber mass, olive oil or simply boiled water.

“Mountain resin”, also known as Shilajit, is not only recommended for young people.It can also be used/applied by the older people willing to get rid of wrinkles and who want to make their skin more elastic and smooth. The unique mineral composition of Pure Shilajit Resin enables it to saturate the skin with essential nutrientsand also restores the internal metabolism of the skin cells which guarantees a long anti-age effect.

It is necessary to choose the appropriate mask base against wrinkles to enable nourishment of the skin. Examples of such base are low-fat sour cream, nourishing cream from the pharmacy, natural honey, and egg yolk. The mask is prepared by adding the resin form of the Pure Shilajit to the mask base, mix thoroughly until it becomes thick. Apply on the face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Do not leave the mask for a longer time as it will lose its effectiveness on the skin.

The treatment of eye wrinkles should be done separately. The mask should not be applied around the eyes. Clean the skin around eyes with Pure Shilajit – base water solution, this solution can also be frozen and apply the frozen cubes on the wrinkles under the eyes.


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