How To Maximize The Benefits Of Shilajit?

shilajit benefitsBefore know the Shilajit Benefits, it is important to know what this is all about. Shilajit is an Ayurverdic traditional medicine. According to the eastern healing, the benefits of Shilajit is that is very effective in detoxification. Not only that, Shilajit benefits for health also includes being an energy giving substance.

The benefits of Shilajit goes beyond its name. To give you an idea, this rock like substance was known as the “sacred rock,” from the Sanskrit terminology. It is found in the Mountains of Asia. It is a substance that was formed because of the decomposed plants and unique micro-organisms.

Shilajit is taken from the Sanskrit, known as the “sacred rock,” it is known for the health benefits it gives. What it is, a sticky and tar like, rock like substance that could be found in the Asian mountains. This Shilajit is very effective for detoxification. It also has energy-producing benefits. The Euphorbia soyleana and Trifolium repens, is a part of Shilajit benefits for health. This resin is dried up in the sun, and it takes more than 100 years to be made.

100 Years Ago

Depending on the region where it came from or where it is available, Shilajit in Asia had been given different variations to its name, especially in the Caucascas Mountains. Because it is black in color and has an asphalt like look, it was called an Asphaltum. Shilajit health benefits is undoubtedly good for our health.

According to legend, superstition and the long time relationship of man to nature, this Shilajit resin, is taken together with fermented milk. It was the people of Pakistan, Nepal, and Northern India, who most probably first discovered it. The ancestors however realizing its benefit to their bodies, passed on to their descendants this wonder treatment that is now being introduced to the people of the Western World.

Other than energy, Shilajit also can give one remarkable brain function, and will able to help one prevent age-related disease. Even until now, the tribe that used Shilajit, of the Hunzan and the Sherpan regions and known to have lived mervelously even in their very old age. It seems that they can age wonderfully because of using shilajit.

Shilajit Benefits For Men

Shilajit has benefitted men and women and most especially men. It was known or have been made popular that the Shilajit benefits for men is that they can get more energy it from using Shilajit more than what taking vitamin supplements can do for their bodies.

Some other Shilajit Benefits for men also include: healthy heart, fertility enhanced by normalizing their testosterone level and enhancing their performance. This is also known by the way as the “Indian Viagra.” All these could be included in a man’s well-being, as he partakes this black resin that contains fluvic acid for a healthy brain development.

A Wider Component

Shilajit may just be once substance, but with all the things mentioned above you would think for yourself, “how possible could it be that one useless looking substance can cure all that?” As far as the benefit of Shilajits go its wide variety of component makes it possible to cure just about any other disease that could evade our bodies. A few of those components include: tritepenes, eldagic acid, sterols, amino acids, aromatic carboxylic acid, polyphenols, 3,4 benzocoumarins, phenolic lipds, polusaccharides, dibenzo-a-pyrones, and lignins. So much for Shilajit Health benefits coming from the mountains, and as it is known, lucky people who takes Shilajit should also be labeled as ‘Conqueror of Mountains,’ just like this healthy substance that they take.

Shilajit Benefits

Side Effects

Shilajit will not scare you with any side effects that is serious if you have taken it the right way. All you need is one! If you are still planning on taking an iron supplement plus shilajit, you will have a buildup of excess iron. Very rarely though, there are some complaints about low blood pressure or funny digestive issues and gouts that have been aggravated. Other than this though, Shilajit health benefits is that it’s perfectly safe even in higher dosages, so there is no need for the over dosage scare.
Only low quality shilajit can give unpleasant side effects, especially if the Shilajit that it claims to be is not really what it is. Be careful out there, Some Shilajit being sold in the market could be fake, or contains fertilizer. Worst would be if they contain toxic metals which is very bad for the health.

If you intend to take Shilajit on an empty stomach for maximum absorption, make sure that you eat in about 30 minutes after taking it. This will help minimize any lightheadedness you may be able to experience from empty stomach. Do that, and you will feel the benefits of Shilajit. You will notice your energy will increase, making you ready to face the day!

Shilajit has a very high dose of fulvic acid so this is another thing that our clients would also evaluate upon themselves if they would really want to try it. If in any case that you are feeling strange, and not so well at all when taking Shilajit; listen to your body. You will need to stop using shilajit in the event that you feel some allergic reaction, nausea, dizziness, itchiness, and increased heart rate. Thus far, we’ve never had any reported server allergic reactions.

May we also state a very important disclaimer that: Shilajit has not been evaluated by the FDA so it would be best to talk to an Ayurvedic practitioner or better yet a medical practitioner to people who already are under prescribed medications.

Unheard of

Because Shilajit came from Asia, some westerners are not yet as familiar about it as our Asian counterparts. Not all western people have taken any interest in it either, despite the remarkable Shilajit benefits. Well, it must be about time that they learn and enjoy life as they discover such a wonderful benefit for their health as Shilajit benefits is being introduced to the Western Market. How to Maximize it? Take some!

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